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Summer Reading List

Summer is the perfect time to catch up on all of those best-sellers that there wasn’t any time for during the hustle and bustle of the school year. Whether it’s a classic or a brand new novel that just hit the shelf, there is an ample amount of time to finally crack open a few books.

Some students can’t wait to get back to the shelves and the stacks of books that have been calling to them since mid-January.

Students shared some of their can’t-miss favorites.

“Out of the Dusk” by Karen Hesse

Set in Oklahoma in the 1930s, this novel tells the story of a little girl who is faced with dealing with very adult and scary issues of life, the broken relationship between her and her father, and trying to figure out where she belongs.

“It’s based during the dirty ‘30s out of Oklahoma where I grew up. Even though it’s a fictional book I felt like I could relate to it,” Melissa Jacobsen, a senior communication and biology major, said.

 “A Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin

This is the first book of a wonderful series. It lays out the groundwork of a five-book series about gaining control of seven kingdoms. This novel introduces you to the world,  politics, magic, and history of the seven kingdoms.

The first novel tells multiple stories of the main characters throughout the series.

“The books are so good! You pick a character and you hope the character makes it through. Each chapter is a different character’s portion of the story,” Gage Telleria, junior English major said.                                    

“The Help” by Kathryn Stockett

This book is based in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960s and tells the story of three African-American maids. This story is told from the perspective of the maids and their lives working for white families.

This novel has touched the hearts of many and will leave you laughing and crying at some points.

“It’s a really great story that can teach a good lesson. Plus it has some pretty funny moments,” junior communication major Paige Puccinelli said.

“The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green

Just a forewarning, this one is a tearjerker. This novel tells the love story of two young teenagers. It holds a bit of a twist considering the main characters have cancer. Throughout the novel you follow these young adults on a journey of their love, life, and the battle of fighting cancer.

Sophomore English major Emily Davidson said. “It’s a wonderfully well-written book. I cannot wait to see the movie in June.”

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