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Study Tip: Anxiety

Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard you study, once test time comes you are still just an anxious mess and your test score suffers because of it.  The first step of dealing with test anxiety is recognizing that you have it.  Symptoms  of test anxiety can include an upset stomach, speedy heart rate, fast shallow breathing, shaking, sweating or difficulty focusing.  There are many ways to deal with these symptoms —here are a few quick tips that might help!
Create and follow strong study plans that will help you feel confident and prepared.   Become familiar with the testing space (classroom or Testing Center) so that you don’t have anxiety about your environment.   Imagine what it will be like to take your exam and ace it without stress.  Practice calming methods such as breathing and stretching in case you do panic during the exam so you can effectively calm yourself down.
Another major thing to remember is, no matter what, this single exam does not measure your self-worth.  If you blow an exam it is not the end of the world.  There are lots of options for students who have a tough time taking tests; you are not alone.  Please reach out and talk to your professor about your worries and maybe even take a few test anxiety workshops that are offered on campus.  Remember, everyone at Boise State wants to see you succeed and it is okay to use BSU resources to become the awesome test-taker that you know you can be.

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