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POW! Comic Book Day comes to Boise

Fast forward 35 years in the future, the bloodshot sky is sick and choking. Huddling in small circles with nowhere to go but back down into the empty pits of their stomachs, the last of humanity dangles forgetting to breath. The only entrance to the room, a metallic door that looks more like the front of a bank safe, unwillingly gasps just as a crumbling man flashes in, his red body suit and lightning bolt symbol faded. As his body gives in, a crawling mixture of machine and what might have once been an amazon warrior paints the air crimson with the entrails of a man just inches away.

This is the beginning of DC’s new comic “Future’s End” which will be given out for free at select locations on Saturday, May 3, to celebrate Free Comic Book Day. For its 12 year of celebration Free Comic Book Day will be offering 57 different comic books including “Future’s End,” “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” “Atomic Robo,” “Courtney Cumrin” and “Mouse Guard.”

“‘Mouse Guard’ is a hard cover and it’s really quality, really nice,” said Boise State graduate Korbit Wilkinn, and manager at Captain Comics.

Captain Comics, one of the stores that participates in Free Comic Book Day, will be opening at 9 a.m., an hour early, for the celebration and in addition to the three allotted free comic books customers can get; they also set out a variety of comics from their stock and allow customers to pick out three of them. Everything in the store is also 20 percent off.

“Why limit it?” explains Wilkinn.

“It’s a really cool time to see new literature, different artists, different writers and get a different feel for what is going on in the graphic novel genre,” says junior art major and leader of the Comic Book Club at Boise State, Michelle Estrada.

For the past three years, Estrada and the rest of the members of the comic book club have attended Free Comic Book Day together often adorning costumes.

“We like to surprise each other,” Estrada said.

Previously she dressed up as Delirium from the “Sandman” series, but is deciding whether or not to make a new costume or just modify an old one. As part of the free comic book day tradition, people who show up in costumes will also get two extra comic books at Captain Comic.

“The one that is making me the most excited the “Sandman Overture”…it’s philosophical, it goes into folklore, religion, dreams,” Estrada said.

She advises students to show up at least an hour early if they want to get good comics.

Captain Comics, Hastings and The Boise Comic Book Co. will all be participating in Free Comic Book Day this year. The Comic Book Club will be manning a booth at Captain Comics until noon. To learn more about them students can visit their Facebook page. Free Comic book day is Saturday, May 3.

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