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Breaking Expectations: Balancing Act

This balancing act called life


The hard part about life is finding time for all the things you need to do while still being able to do the things you want to do. It is really a challenge because of the fact that things always come up and make some things just not doable. That being said, those of us with mental illness can attest to the fact that having a mental illness can be, at times, exhausting without any other things factored in. Being a full-time biology major with two jobs, a relationship, a dog, and the desire to have some degree of a social life. This is the struggle of anyone, really. However, when you have a mental illness, you must factor in the exhaustion, hours spent running around, working, schoolwork, and also the energy it takes to maintain a social life.

However, it is worth it in the end and being busy is almost always a great way to keep your mind from sinking too low. On the other hand, staying busy is absolutely draining on both physical activity and mental stability. It is choosing between the lesser of two evils: being busy and manic, or being exhausted and stuck in a “rut.”

While all this is not a cry for a pity party, as I hope you all know by this point, it’s simply me asking for a little understanding. Just because I didn’t go out and run six miles, doesn’t mean my mind is not mentally exhausted like your body is physically exhausted. Life is funny because of the complexity scheduling brings forth. That being said, adaptability is key and being flexible is the only way to do all the things you want to get done. Some time to be able to just have some time to ourselves is valued at priceless. When you have a mental illness, the need for that alone time is twice as important. Especially when life is overwhelming you and your planner is full. Just like the rest of you, we are human and need some rest and recovery just like any one else.