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Dance Marathon raises money for local hospital

Dance Marathon Devin Ferrell Proceeds from the dance went to help the St. Luke's Children's Hospital. Devin Ferrell/The Arbiter

How would you feel about 17 straight hours of dancing with instructional presentations from Zumba and hip-hop performers, games and competitions with your friends, and free dinner and snacks? Dance Marathon does all of this while still securing the livelihood of sick children in St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital.
Dance Marathon is a nationwide event that takes place once a year in high schools and colleges primarily in the east coast. Students help raise money before the events by asking for donations, and specifically in Boise, getting several restaurants to donate a portion of their proceeds to the cause.
The Boise State section of Dance Marathon starts by grouping attendees into teams represented by champions and colors to help students meet new people, and for the plethora of competitions that take place later on in the night.
“We dance because they can’t,” said elementary education junior Jenny Foote, one of the leaders of Dance Marathon at Boise State.

The night isn’t filled with rigorous work, however; throughout the night there are free dinner, snacks, video games, competitions, and even dodge ball games at 4 a.m.
“It all stays in Boise. That 37,000 that we raised last year went straight to Boise’s  St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital,” said Foote.
This makes the impact of participants’ efforts more tangible. Last year Dance Marathon brought eleven children from St. Luke’s to serve as the face for the cause and a reminder of why students are participating.
“They come and tell their stories at the event. One of our champions, Sam, every time he goes through a new surgery, each different thing he does represents a different color bead. Sam wanted the kids at Dance Marathon to make their own beads,” Foote said.
For students who don’t feel up to the physical challenge but still want to help out can also volunteer during the event.
“Just sign up. When you see us in the Quad and you’re interested, definitely put your email down so we can send you more information,” said biology and dental studies major junior Nick Propp, one of the leaders of Boise State’s Dance Marathon.
The 17-hour Dance Marathon takes place every February; however, there are tons of events taking place throughout the year that Boise State Dance Marathon is involved in. Students who want to get involved can like their Facebook page, Boise State University Dance Marathon.

To be updated on upcoming events, follow their twitter @boisestatedm, or email them at Check out the tables in the Quad throughout the year for their sign-up booth and become a part of changing the lives of children within your community.

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