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Finish in Four helps students graduate faster

Finish in Four is a program Boise State offers to help students finish their desired degree within four years. Finish in Four benefits students through the promise of the university taking measures to ensure student graduate in the four years.

Tim Squires, advising systems coordinator, explained how the program works.

“The university ensures course availability is not a limiting factor in graduating in four years,” Squires said. “If a student enrolled in Finish in Four isn’t able to graduate in four years due to course unavailability, the university assumes tuition responsibility for the required course(s) needed for degree completions,” Squires says.

Finish in Four is offered to 62 programs including some of the following departments: business, English, engineering, and science. Exercise science currently has some programs under review to see if they can qualify for Finish in Four.

Any program is available for the Finish in Four as long as the program can come up with a suitable and realistic four-year plan. There are some programs who choose to not participle.

“Some programs choose not to participate due to program structure, clinical/professional year requirements and course sequencing,” Squires says.

Some programs not involved in the Finish in Four program include secondary education, applied sciences, multidisciplinary studies, and various health science majors.

“Just because these programs don’t participate in the Finish in Four program doesn’t mean a student can’t complete them in four years,” Squires said.

Students can get involved in the Finish in Four by first making sure that their major is one of the majors that is involved in Finish in Four.

Then students need to meet with an advisor from their major and come up with a four-year plan. This will include fall, spring and summer courses for four years.

Many departments have a pre-approved plan already established but, if needed, there is a way to build a customized plan. Once the plan is written up, it is reviewed and signed.

Students benefit from using Finish in Four because they have a plan.  During the stress of registration students prefer to know what classes they need.

Graduating in four years can not only save money but it can help accelerate students into the job market or  into advanced education. There is no penalty for withdrawing or not finishing in four.

Kandice Coleman, a junior exercise science major, feels that the Finish in Four program can be beneficial for many  students. However, she can see how programs like hers can require more than four years.

“Just because of all the required math, physics and the lab classes once you get into upper division course(s),” Coleman said.

Students are encouraged to contact the Advising and Academic Enhancement department for more information.

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