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Administration visitors lot construction update

The Administration Visitor’s Lot (AVL) has been under construction for quite some time. Some students have voiced frustration about how long it is taking.

Arrielle Derher, senior construction management major, is one of the concerned students. She believes the project should all start and finish construction in one stretch of time.

“I would personally have suggested to wait until all the funds were there to fully complete the project,” Derher said. “For some other reasons I am not aware of, they thought it is the best way which means there is a lot of factors going into it.”

Nicole Nimmons, executive director of Transportation and Parking Services, explained the process of the project.

Nimmons clarified that the project has different phases.

Right now, the estimation of the project is to have only the plaza area completed by the week of commencement,  May 17.

There is still work to do in the west and east portions of the project. This work includes steel coating and painting the parking lot, to give it a fresh look and a planter area.

This will be done over the summer through the university’s summer maintenance program.

“We hope guests and visitors will be directed to that parking area where we have booth attendant(s) that can greet them and guide them on their way to wherever their destination is, and that person is equipped to answer questions about the campus as well as hand out maps, and guide the visitors and guests on their ways,” Nimmons said.

The AVL was not meant for student parking, though students are allowed to park there temporarily.

It has been made for visitors.

“We really want to be welcoming not only to students, but also to guests and visitors as well,” Nimmons said. “It is kind of hard to navigate people through campus, and the hope is to provide an area that is central to campus to send people to their destination areas.”

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  1. The proper question, at least in my mind, is not why the project is taking so long, but why BSU is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on various landscaping projects in order to put on a pretty face when professors are under-compensated, students are consistently nickel-and-dimed over things like printing and parking costs, and equipment–such as computers and staplers in the library, for example–are in a persistent state of poor performance or disrepair.

    One would think that the University had learned its lesson with the multimillion dollar transportation center that hardly anyone uses. You can't "image" your way into being a top-notch university. That will happen only when the core emphasis is on academics and student success.

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