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Study Tip: Take care of yourself

With only a few more weeks to go in the semester you are probably a giant ball of sleep-deprived stress. This week’s study tip is to remember to take time for the other parts of your life.

If you need more family time, watch out for campus events such as a movie at the Student Union Building or a play at the Morrison Center that your whole family can attend.

For improving your personal growth, try out a group exercise class at the Recreation Center or join an academic club that engages your interests.

If you need to focus on your school life I recommend attending a study skills workshop offered by the Advising & Academic Enhancement Department, or having lunch with a favorite professor to ask for advice.

By maintaining a well-balanced life you will be less likely to be overwhelmed or negatively impacted by day-to-day stresses.

It’s always important to take your school work seriously, but also remember that you won’t be a student forever and maintaining the other facets of your life will help you be happy and healthy.