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Shades of Black back again


Shades of Black is a multicultural event that has been paving mental highways to cultural acceptance and spreading new pride and awe in a confetti affect. The show will be opening for the fourth time in Boise this Saturday after a stellar performance at Eastern Washington University.

This year Shades of Black will be showcasing 14 acts from all over the Boise State community.

“(There are) different acts ranging from dancing, spoken word, and everything in between aimed at Boise States Students with even some freshmen being part of it,” said senior Ben Duran, a volunteer  with Delta Sigma Phi for this year’s performance of Shades of Black.

With an exception of the core group of people who are a part of every show, performers are recruited from the local colleges. Because of this, each show is tailored to the culture of the city it is in and gives viewers the ability to draw not only pride, but a sense of connection to the performance through their peers.

The name Shades of Black comes from creator Kwapi Vengesayi’s background in architecture.

“We were learning our shades and shadows, we are asked to get very familiar with the grayscale—number of shades of gray between white and black. The show’s name came from that—the simple realization that we’re all the same but just different shades of each other, literally and metaphorically,” Vengesayi’s said.

Vengesayi invites audience members to use the different exhibits of talent as a way to highlight ideas, find a sense of acceptance, and feel pride for one’s peers and community.

“The show has different things for everyone…I want the community, staff, and performers to walk away feeling enlightened, empowered, and entertained”

Doors open at 5 p.m. for Shades of Black this Saturday, April 24, at the Simplot Ballroom.

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