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Crossing Over

Crosses stand as a sign of religion, until recently where they have a new position in the fashion world. Crosses have developed into a trendy pattern that can be found on almost any type of piece or jewelry. However, I find it to be contradicting and taking away from its true meaning. Crosses are a symbol of faith, love, and religion. So now are you wearing a cross because that is your faith and what you believe in or because it is now the “cool thing to do”? Being raised as a catholic and loving fashion I am conflicted on what to think in this situation. When I wear a cross its for the reason I believe religiously, not because I think it looks cool on leggings like a tribal print might look. However, now if I see somewhere wearing a cross I’m not sure what to think! How do you guys feel?

2 Comments on Crossing Over

  1. I like this. Not only because I'm Catholic, also, and every time I see a cross, I immediately think of Jesus, but it's a subject that can be discussed with both sides: Catholic and non-catholic. I find it to be very ironic, from my religious perspective, to see an atheist wear cross earrings. This is totally something I would look into! Awesome blog. 🙂

  2. I think it's interesting you used tribal print as an example of what is okay to put on clothes, when in reality tribal print may be just as not ok to put on clothes because it is actually the culture of a people that was taken and appropriated for fashion just because it "looks cool". It is very much the same as crosses in fashion – things that people hold dear and personally used for commercial and societal reasons. It makes a person wonder how much of what we wear and see in fashion is taken from somewhere it shouldn't have been.

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