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Student uses ASBSU funds to attend conference

On any regular Saturday, junior Hailey Vik wakes early to lead a Zumba class at the Boise State Recreation Center before settling in to spend the day studying. But, for Vik, April 12 was not a regular

On this particular day, Vik traded homework for a plane ticket to La Jolla, Calif., and instead of leading Zumba, she held conversations with a photographer who provides scholarships to homeless youth, a Holocaust survivor, and a 12-year old triathlete amputee.

“They started from nothing but accomplished really great things and were helping so many people. I think if you just follow your passions you really can do anything you want,” Vik said.

Vik, a graphic design major, used an ASBSU individual student grant to attend a TEDx conference.

The individual student grant, which is available to all fee-paying students, covered all but $75 of Vik’s expenses for the weekend.

“The purpose of the grants are to allow students a unique opportunity to further their education inside or outside of the classroom,” Megan Buxton, outgoing ASBSU Funding Board Chair said.

Buxton oversaw Vik’s grant request.

“We look at the total expenses, and we give as much money as possible,” Buxton said.

TEDx is a series of conferences organized independently by individuals who want to create TED events in their area. The TED organization is a non-profit series of conferences that propagates what they believe to be “ideas worth spreading.”

Although she had never attended a Ted conference before, Vik had spent the previous summer in La Jolla with a church group, working and learning about the culture of Southern California. The Pullman, Wash. native aspires to work for a nonprofit organization in sports and athletic design.

The TEDx conference brought together not only graphic designers, but various individuals with ideas they wanted to share.

“It definitely motivated me. It showed me how people are using design to change the world,” Vik said.

Vik applied for her ASBSU grant online two months prior to her conference, met with the ASBSU funding board, and received the maximum amount of funding allotted per individual, $400.

“I would just encourage you to find a unique conference, an opportunity that you’re passionate about and can really motivate you when you come back to Boise State,” Vik said.

Although ASBSU no longer has funding for individual student grants for the current year, grants will be available next year.

“The amount that will be eligible for student grants may be different, but that hasn’t been decided, yet,”
Buxton said.

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