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Club provides help for disabled students

Founded in the last several months, the Community Adaptation Education Club focuses on providing volunteer services, primarily for college-aged individuals with learning disabilities in the Boise area through different lectures and teaching methods.

“We took adapted physical education, which is actually a profession, which is to be a physical educator for people with disabilities,” said founder James Reneau. “So we just took that term and put it out in the context of all education. So instead of adapted P.E. it’s adapted education.”

Although the club is still fairly new, they’re off to a strong start with five to 10 individual members, many of which that are kinesiology students, or students who have ties with the Special Olympics.

Currently the Community Adaptation Education Club helps out with the STEP program, a free education program for students with learning disabilities through the Boise school district provided until students become 21.

“They’re all huge fans of Boise State,”  Reneau explained. “They get excited when we’re around. Some of them will eventually start taking classes at Boise State, and some of them will probably never be able to read and write.”

According to Reneau, a lot of these students miss out on more exciting topics of learning and are just taught the basics of how to live and take care of themselves.

He also feels that the education of these students isn’t always up to par.

“They get nutrition advice but they are getting it from people who aren’t necessarily trained in nutrition,” Reneau said.

Currently the Community Adaptation Education Club is working toward helping out students with learning disabilities in high schools around the Boise area.

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