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Broncos looking to close the season strong

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The Boise State women’s softball team is looking to close the season strong

“We are hoping by the end of the season we are playing our strongest ball,” head coach Erin Thorpe said. “We are hoping we really come together these last five weeks of the

The Broncos are on a roll as of late as they prepare to go on the road to face fellow conference rivals
Utah State.

“I’m expecting some big wins,” senior outfielder Tara Glover said. “It’s going to be exciting and it’s going to come down to those last couple games to see who wins conference. Hopefully it’s us.”

After losing four games in row, Boise State won six out of eight games to move to 23-19, 8-7 in the

“I think it’s going really well,” Glover said. “We are connecting as a team and are looking to finish strong.”

The Broncos are currently ranked sixth in the conference. While that is not where they want to be, they know that can all change.

“We have had good games and bad but every team goes though that,” junior infielder Jordan Kreiger said. “It’s about what we do from here on out.”

To do that the Broncos have been working on a few key things in practice.

“We have really been focusing on our defense,” Glover said. “We are waiting for that one game to really show teams what we can really do on the defensive side of the ball.”

Boise State is looking to take the conference by storm even if no one else thinks they can.

“People may underestimates us but that’s alright because I love being the underdog and proving people wrong,” Glover said.

In order for that to become a reality the Broncos know they just need to focus on themselves.

“We are trying to stay relaxed and not think about the standings so much,” Kreiger said. “We know if we just play our game that it’s going to reward us.”

Boise State has been hindered with injuries but they have not let that deter them this year.

“We have had to use a majority of our athletes this season just because of all our injuries and illnesses,” Thorpe said. “Our team has been really resilient in that way so when someone goes down someone else picks it up and takes that spot.”

Even with all the ups and downs this year, the ultimate goal of a Mountain West championship is still very much within reach.

“It would mean a lot, Kreiger said. “It would be the first time in our school history making it to the post season and that has always been in the back of our minds and be a huge rewarding goal.”

But that is not the only goal this year.

“I just want to see the girls compete,” Thorpe said. “Go out there and have fun, work hard, and give it everything they have, knowing they left it all out there and have no regrets on the way we ended the season.”

No matter what happens this season the team has each other and that is their biggest strength.

“We work really well together, all get along, all hangout, and understand each other on and off the field,” Kreiger said. “It’s a family bond and that is nice.”

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