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Women’s tennis prepares for MW championships

(Cody Finney/ The Arbiter)

The Broncos women’s tennis team will head into the conference championships with ‘clear eyes and full heart.’ This is an extremely exciting time for the Broncos as they try to send off their seniors in the right fashion while their younger players get to watch and observe the intensity of conference play.

“I’m super excited it has been four good years, and we’re super excited to get out there we have had a really strong season this year and all the girls have been working extremely hard,” said senior Sandy Vo.

Megan Lalone, of Stanwood, Wash. is one of those young players who have emerged for the Broncos this year; she has the best overall record for the Broncos playing in the third and fourth courts. Only being a sophomore she has plenty of time to learn and let this experience marinate.

“I’m really excited. I am only a sophomore this year, so I still have two more years to look forward to it, but I feel like this team is a really special team,” said Lalone. “I feel like we can really do some great things this year.”

Having players to learn from such as Vo and Anissa Bryant-Swift has helped the learning curve for the young Lalone.

“It is a great learning experience to play with them and be able to learn from them,” Lalone said.

Next year there may be some pressure in filling the shoes of Vo and Bryant-Swift but it seems that Lalone seems to be well equipped in doing so.

“They are awesome. Awesome on the court- off the court and in the classroom,” Lalone said.

Having experienced players leading the team into conference championships is something that gives the Broncos an advantage over their opponents. The Broncos feel as if they are the best conditioned team heading into the tournament but staying mentally and physically tough is going to be a tough task ahead.

“I just think staying mentally tough, physically we are all up there we have worked too hard to give that away, and I think we are one of the fittest teams in the country,” Vo said. “Battling and loving that battle is going to be the most important thing into bringing home that championship.”

The Broncos thus far this season have created a bond and fun atmosphere, where they feel no matter the court they play on, they feel as it is if their home court. The conference championships will get going Wednesday April 23, in Fresno, Calif.