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Men’s Golf Looks to Build Indoor Facility

Long, bleak, freezing winters, defined by snow and gray skies, have never been advantageous for Boise State’s golf programs.

Months locked in two small rooms in Bronco Stadium – dubbed the “dungeons” by the men’s golf team – have led to struggles recruiting and rusty golfers come the spring season.

For those reasons, head coach Kevin Burton has begun a campaign to raise $500,000 in order to build a state of the art indoor practice facility located at Warm Springs Golf Course.

“When I first took over the program nine years ago we had nothing,” Burton said. “They’re not the nicest in the world but it’s gotten the job done. It’s at the point where we need to upgrade ours and get something done.”

The new facility will feature a hitting center which would allow four golfers to hit at once. The hitting center will be equipped with state of the art video and launch monitors and new club fitting technology.

Alongside the hitting center will be a 2,500 sq. ft. indoor facility used for practice in short game and putting. It  will equipped with a three tier putting green with three different kinds of grasses to hit from.

Burton hopes to raise the $500,000 through both naming rights and private donations. In order to have the facility built by winter, the money must be raised by the end of May or early June.

“It’s not going to be easy,” Burton said.

While appreciative of the rooms in Bronco Stadium provided, freshman David Elliot feels they are not getting the job done.

“One of the main things you miss out on all winter is seeing the ball fly,” Elliot said. “You can do as much on your swing as you can and get kind of a general feeling of your shot, but unless you can actually see where the ball is going you’re never 100% sure.”

The new indoor facility will not only help the Broncos enter spring with a better feeling of their game, but also level the playing field when it comes to recruiting.

Boise State has recently struggled to recruit against other MWC schools such as Wyoming — which just completed a $2 million facility.

“To bring a golfer to Boise, ID is not the easiest thing in the world,” Burton said. “They usually get here and love the city and love the school. We do have a phenomenal community, but the winter aspect does scare some away.”

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