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Study Tip: Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning is the concept that students can learn the subject matter for a course best by doing an activity or creating an artifact rather than just reading about it and sitting through lectures.  With this method, students take the concepts that they have learned and then use that information to present a finished product showing that they understand the topics.  That’s all well and good, but how can this help you do better on a test?  Apply the idea of Experiential Learning to your course in order to better understand everything that you have assimilated this semester.  When you are learning about Union Contracts, try writing one on your own to apply the concepts of the class.  If you have a quiz on birds for your Ornithology class, hit the road and go bird watching for an afternoon to perfect your identification skills.  The more you practice what you have learned the greater amount of associations will be made in your brain and the better you will retain the course material.  This is an awesome tip for any student who hates the flash card and highlighter approach, if you learn better by doing, then go do something!  It’s more fun for you and in the long run, helps you retain the information longer than with standard studying practices.

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