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Seoul Shock: The 8-Month Mark


Seoul Shocker is Danielle Davidson’s firsthand experience with living abroad in Seoul, South Korea. 

It’s been nearly eight months since I first stepped off the plane from San Francisco and put my feet in the land of South Korea. I have about two months left, and the closer my departure date gets the more conflicted I become. I love Seoul and all the people here, but I love Idaho. So even though I’m leaving at the end of June a part of me will stay here, and I guess I’ll have to visit. But for now, since I’m still here, there’s a little catching up to do about the life of an exchange student in Seoul.

Midterms are a student’s joy and a student’s pain even in a different country. I don’t mean joy as in happy to study all night and take exams at nine o’clock, but joy found in the end of the week when all exams are done. A lot of students tend to take it easy and enjoy the excuse to relax. Why didn’t I take the Korean cinema class and watch movies all day? But whenever exams start to get a bit to stressful I ask myself this question: Will five points be detrimental to my happiness five years from now? The answer 9.9998 times out of 10 is: No. And so I drink a coffee and watch the cherry blossoms fall outside my window.

Language learning, as has been the norm this week, is the source of my bewilderment, my confusion, my excitement and my sense of profound wisdom. Did I mention I just got back from my brother’s wedding in Oregon? That was a five-day whirlwind. So, the real reason for my feeling of being lost in class is due to lack of sleep. But, the Korean language is still the same, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, (maybe I shouldn’t jinx it) so my learning continues and my brain is faithfully taking out information I learned last year and replacing it with brand-new and interesting things.

Jeju Island is one of those interesting things coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I hope you’ll all join me as I traverse the famous Korean island off the Southern Coast. It’s said the sea rivals emeralds and the citrus fruits are fit for royalty, and I have to agree on the part about fruit, because they are rather delicious.

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