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Coconut oil cleans dirty mouths

Oil pulling is a traditional folk remedy originally from India where oil is swished around in the mouth. This new fad is taking everyone by storm and creating the new “must try” trend.

Oil pulling is said to improve oral and systemic health. The main benefit of oil pulling is the removal of toxins from the mouth, which results in whiter teeth.  It also helps fight gingivitis, prevent cavities, improve your breath and help to strengthen teeth and gums.

This natural remedy is also said to help clear skin, headaches, reduce sinus congestion and reduce symptoms of a nasty hangover.

It seems as if this oil pulling method is a natural cure all. The only issue is getting over putting a spoon full of oil in your mouth.

All that is necessary to begin oil pulling is a type of oil; coconut oil or sesame oil is recommended, and a spoon. Take one tablespoon of oil and put it in your mouth. Then swish it around for 20 minutes.

Coconut  is actually considered a super food because of its many health benefits.

It is best to use virgin unrefined oil. If coconut oil is used for pulling it will go in your mouth as a solid, but will then quickly turn to

After the 20 minutes is up it is suggested to spit the oil out into a trash can rather than the sink, especially coconut oil because it will become a solid again after spitting it out.

The 20 minutes may seem like a really long time at first, but try to occupy your time with watching TV, getting ready or scrolling through your Facebook feed.

“When I tried oil pulling for the first time it was an interesting experience, it wasn’t for me, but I get why people would want the benefits of it,” said Joe Hanstad, a junior general business major.

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  1. We go through so much coconut oil – for baking and skincare and hair conditioning and mouthwash

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