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Bike thefts by the numbers


Named one of the top cities for bicyclists, it’s no surprise many Boise State students chose bicycles as their main mode of transportation, not only around campus, but around town.

Boise State’s campus is difficult for many students to conquer every day on foot. Incoming freshmen and transfer students learn quickly they’ll need something besides their feet to get them around the campus’ 180 acres.

However, owning a bicycle can be a hassle, as they are often targets for theft.  According to Boise State campus security website, “Bike theft is a common crime on the BSU campus.  One of the best ways to help prevent bike theft is to ensure it is registered.”

Students can register their bikes through an online form located on the Campus Security website.

As of March 18, 2014, 47 bike thefts have been reported to Campus Security and recorded in the campus crime log.

The crime log includes information on all crimes reported to Campus Security and Boise Police
Department on or near campus.

Last semester (beginning Aug. 1, 2013), Campus Security recorded 39 bike thefts on or near campus. Of those reports, one resulted in an arrest, while the other 38 cases remain open.

The bike racks outside of the Library saw the most bike thefts with. Many bikes were also stolen from bike racks outside several different on campus residence halls and apartments totaling 18.

So far in 2014, eight bike thefts have been reported on or near campus. Of those, one bike has been recovered, while seven cases remain open. According to the crime log, most victims claim their bikes had been stolen over weekends (Friday through Sunday).

There were three bikes stolen from outside Chaffee—more than any other place on campus this semester.

Though reported bike thefts are down in comparison to last semester, the threat still lingers.

To increase bike awareness, Boise State, with help from the Boise Police Department, have produced a series of videos aimed at informing students and staff how to protect themselves from bike theft.