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Students serve up Saturday

Students turned out to the last Service Saturday for the semester on April 5.  Quite a few were bleary-eyed having stayed up late participating in Relay for Life the previous night.  A breakfast of coffee, slices of fresh melon, muffins, bagels and a large assortment of breakfast burritos were enjoyed by all before getting down
to work.

The idea behind Service Saturday is to bring Boise State students together to work out in the community.

“This event has been going on for the last four years.  My office, the Student Involvement and Leadership Center (SILC), picked it up last year,” said Nikki Hanson, student programming assistant for SILC.  “What our office does is set up sites for students to go to and, they’ll have a site leader and those are all volunteer students and they take charge of the group and they’ll take them to the site.”

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan at Service Saturday.

“Two of the sites we had planned did not have enough volunteers, so we had to cancel,” Hanson noted in a follow up email.

Service work varied.  Students packed goodies into bags for the participants who will be racing in Race for the Cure. An annual fundraising event for the fight against breast cancer will be held on Saturday,
May 10, 2014.

Some students organized a storage unit for the Agency for New Americans by separating heavy furniture that would be kept or donated.  This private non-profit organization helps refugees settle into the community.  It provides a range of services from English language tutoring to immigration assistance.

Other students rolled up their sleeves and got down and dirty at the Boise State Campus Garden.  Students planted seeds, pulled weeds and cleaned up the

Most of the work involved good old-fashioned elbow grease such as cleaning up a church for the Original South Boise Neighborhood Association or cleaning up and testing merchandise before the Idaho Youth Ranch put it out on the selves.

The help was appreciated wherever it was given.  An older couple stopped to say “thank you” to the students cleaning up along the Boise River.  Diana Cross at the Boise Public Library book sale was excited to have the volunteers help with sorting and stacking the books to be sold.

“They are the Super Saturday students,” Cross said with a large smile.   “They’re doing an awesome job.  We’re so thrilled to have them here.”

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