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A New Board on Campus

As the fashion conscious of Boise State have noticed, many of the styles and themes from the 70s are starting to find their way back into our culture today. A notable trend that’s skated its way onto campus recently is the banana board, a skateboard similar in size to a pencil board that is known for its small deck with almost cartoonish rounded out edges and style. The banana board is extremely maneuverable and as hinted at by the decade of its origin is generally decorated with a bright monochromatic color.

“I like it, I think it’s great,” says TJ Hughes, an employee at Newt & Harold’s, a local skateboard and longboard shop on Broadway. Hughes says he prefers banana boards because they’re easier to transport. “They’re smaller and more convenient to carry around with you.” Hughes comments after explaining that Banana boards are the perfect size for being stored in a backpack. “Long boards are kind of a pain. You don’t know what do with it when you get somewhere.”

According to Hughes another benefit of the banana board is being able to skate off of curbs without needing to dismount and reposition the board. “I prefer the shorter boards for being able to hop off curbs.” Because the longboards requires the rider to dismount before reaching the drop in elevation, the banana boards’ small design that allows the skater to be able hop off the curve and keep going is one of the arguing points for getting a banana board.

Jason Ryan, an employee at The Board Room, feels conflicted about the popularity of banana boards due to how difficult they are for a beginner to learn on. “They’re a little bit harder…You need to be a veteran skater. They are a bit unstable under your feet, super squirrelly”.

Despite the concern for beginning boarders, Ryan does feel there are some positives in their comeback including consumers having more options and allowing people who are new to the sport to be able to be involved in the lineage of skateboarding. “A lot of older guys see those and say wow those are back and that’s where the roots are”. Ryan noted that he does like that banana boards are bring new people into the sport. According to Ryan roughly once a week The Board Room gets customers asking about Banana Boards. “They’re starting to get popular again…A lot of people are getting crazy about it, it’s a good cruzor.”

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