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Lambda Pi Eta expands membership

Fred Swanstrum
Comm 273

Lambda Pi Eta (LPE) is reaching out.

The Lambda Pi Eta Omega Omega Chapter gives members the opportunity to support their community, present original work at research conferences and engage in a variety of activities that further their academic success.

“Being a member you are able to find more opportunities to visit with faculty and work one on one with them,” said Robin Jensen, president of the organization.

LPE is a communication honor society which seeks to help members connect to the community around campus as well as to the larger academic community related to the major. Having inducted their first members in fall of 2012, the organization is relatively new to Boise State and it is currently in the process of inducting new members.

“It’s actually really tough standards,” said Lauren Bramwell, vice president of the organization. “There is a GPA requirement and students also have to be recommended by faculty and go through a review process of LPE officers which we do each semester.”

To be offered membership, upper division students  have to not only meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement of 3.2 and the collective GPA requirement for communication courses of 3.5, they also must be recommended by a communication instructor. Though it is difficult to become a member, students who join become a part of the national organization which has a name rooted in concepts written by

“Lambda Pi Eta are the Greek letters that represent Aristotle’s three elements of artistic rhetoric,” said Marty Most, associate professor of the communication department and faculty advisor for LPE.  “Lambda, or the English equivalent of logos represents logic. Pi represents pathos which Aristotle talked about it almost as an appeal to the soul and eta refers to ethos: credibility and ethic responsibility of

The Omega Omega chapter at Boise State has been successful in giving back to the community. Last April, the students participated in Relay for Life which was an event that raised $25,000 for the American Cancer Society. Members of Lambda Pi Eta gathered $1,300 which placed the students are among the top three earners against multiple student groups on campus.

This year the organization is working with the Communication Department to put on the Comm 101 showcase which will be on April 22 at 7 p.m. in the Hatch Ballroom of the Student Union

The event is an opportunity for outstanding Comm 101 students who are selected by their instructors to demonstrate what they have learned in the course and present their speech in front of a live audience of family, peers and

The students host the showcase to get students engaged in what they are learning and to improve their
presentation skills.

“Getting the word out is one of our main goals,” Jensen said. “I think having Boise State learn about our honor society will give students more opportunities to go to events like showcase and make them more willing to search us out to find out more about our organization and hopefully have the opportunity to join us their junior year.”