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Study Tip: cell phones

Today I read about two interesting studies conducted by Kent State University regarding students and cell phone usage.  The first study surveyed 300 college students (and physically assessed 49 of them) to show the comparison between how much time they spent on their cell phones and their overall physical health.  The study showed that high cell phone usage equalled out to poor physical health.  The second study by Kent State looked at the results from 500 students comparing cell phone usage, GPA and overall happiness/anxiety levels.  The results from the second study supported the results from the first study; the more time spent on cell phones the higher the student’s anxiety and the lower their GPA.  Based off of this information my study tip for you this week is to try to monitor your cell phone usage and take a little break from it if you get the chance.  I suggest trying to create a new habit:  the next time you have 30 minutes to kill till class, pull out your textbook or homework instead of catching up with Facebook on your phone.  Also be sure to turn your cell phone off (not just vibrate) while you are in class, at the Online Testing Center or doing homework so that you are better able to focus on your work.  By taking control of the distraction of cell phones you set yourself up for success!

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