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Professors honored at Golden Apples

Secretary of academic affairs, Christopher Bower, welcomed attendants to the 27th Golden Apple Awards ceremony on March 10. The ceremony was attended by a large number of students, professors, and other interested parties.

There were seven honored professors selected by their students from seven different colleges at Boise State. The professors were honored by their students who either physically attended or who thanked them via video.

Bower said the purpose of organizing this kind of ceremony is to motivate teachers to give more, accomplish more in their careers and enhance the enthusiasm in the students themselves to be proud of their professors.

The Golden Apple Ceremony has involved the Graduate College along with other colleges for the first time.

Bower invited the dean of the Graduate College personally to share the ceremony with the rest of the professors.

Nicole Bolter,  Ph. D., assistant professor of kinesiology thanked Bower personally for taking this step and mentioned how many people don’t know that more students graduate from the Graduate College than any other college.

All professors were nominated by attendee students, except Jody Lester, professor of respiratory care, who was nominated by a student who has taken an online class with her in the past.

“I was recognized by the College of Health Sciences as the teacher who is receiving the Golden Apple award for the college this year and I was hoping to see one or more of the students who have nominated me to get the award,”
Lester said.

Lester said she was proud of being nominated by students who were inspired by her work in education.

“It’s pretty much motivation that pushes me towards more of the desire to provide and give more in my career,” Lester said.

Walter Lester, Jody Lester’s husband, commented on the award as well. He teaches at a local high school in Nampa.

“I was very proud of my wife to be honored as the winner of the award. She was pushing me toward success and supporting me all the time and attending awards and a lot more things for me, so I found it a chance to come and celebrate with her in this ceremony since she has won the Golden Apple Award for the College of Health Sciences,” Lester said.

Walter Lester said it is good for the students at the same time because it is a way of thanking their professors and to celebrate with them and tell them thank you for what they are providing through the teaching process.

Bower thinks this event was a success because students were speaking from all of their hearts about the relationship that was among the campus life.

“The students found the perfect balance between hilarity and seriousness to really build a message that was so pristine and inspirational,” Bower said.

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