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It’s time to sign up for classes

It’s that time of the year again: class pickin’ time. With so many options, many students worry about things like choosing the wrong class and picking the hardest or  meanest teacher. Luckily, there are some ways to ensure success when registering for next semester.

The first step to lessening the stress that goes along with class selection is to make an appointment with an advisor. While it may seem obvious, many students neglect this helpful tool. The advising office is full of well-trained people who can help students choose the courses that are right for them, and that will help them stay on track for graduation.

One of these advisors, Rick Moore offered up some helpful tips.

To view a list of classes that are required within a selected major, log onto Student Center. There is a drop down bar on the page labeled “other academic…”. Click that and choose “Academic Requirements.” Once the list is opened, it will show which requirements have been fulfilled, and which ones have not.

Many students have been using Ratemyprofessor. For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s a website that allows students to rate their teachers based on overall quality, helpfulness, clarity, easiness, and, yes, hotness. This makes the decision of which professor to take a little bit easier.

When it comes time to fulfill some elective credits, take a University foundations class. University foundation classes range from a variety of different topics that are supposed to help improve study skills as well as some life skills. These classes are generally very easy and a lot of them are three credit classes.

“I love the university classes. They are a nice buffer class to have so that I maintain my credit count but still manage all the work I have to do,” said Kristina Souto-Maior, a junior business major. “I’ve learned a lot about different ways to study and manage my time. The classes really are helpful.”

Other buffer classes may include the KIN ACT classes. The KIN ACT classes are exercise based classes. There are classes like yoga, tennis, snowboarding and much more. They are a perfect way to get out and have fun while still earning credits.

Picking classes is important to the college experience, so don’t lame out and not do research, because it goes a long way. Good luck!