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Morrison Center hosted Bill Cosby

Actor, comedian and television star, Bill Cosby performed at the Morrison Center on April 4. Cosby returned to Boise following his highly praised Morrison Center performance in 2011.

Throughout his career Cosby has written 11 novels, released over 20 comedy albums and has been featured in countless films. Funny and inspirational, Cosby has been referred to as the “doctor of comedy,” drawing from his doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Performing to sold-out arenas across the country since 1962, his comedic approach to telling childhood stories resonates with his cross-generational fan base. Known for the “The Cosby Show,” Cosby gained stardom from his portrayal as the family patriarch.

“Bill Cosby was the dad everybody wanted,” junior Cristy Schroeder said.

Cosby embodies mass appeal, having been the recipient of four Emmys, nine Grammys and over a dozen honorary degrees.

Attributing success to his roots, Cosby has become an active member of the humanitarian organization, The Jazz Foundation of America. The organization’s goal is to save jazz music and keep musicians across the country working.

Very few performers in history have reached the same level of success. Cosby’s career spans five decades and is represented by all forms of mass media. From written work to digitalized production, Cosby has shown his work to be timeless.

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