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Harsin high on Miller

Senior Matt Miller was arguably one of the best offensive weapons the Broncos had last season.

“He knows what to do,”  head coach Bryan Harsin said. “He picks things up conceptually and can play all three positions at wide receiver.”

Miller had 88 catches for 1140 yards and 12 touchdowns for Boise State as a junior and Harsin is expecting more of the same this season.

“A guy like Matt gives you a lot flexibility and versatility in your offense,”Harsin said.

In his latest press conference Harsin spent a good amount of time addressing his thoughts on his star wide receiver.

“As a coach you look at the talent and are like ok, big, strong, fast, all that is great, but how hard is this guy really going to work and go out there and prepare himself,” Harsin said. “Matt has been a guy since day one that has always had those qualities.”

While Harsin was at Boise State, when Miller was just a true freshman, he left before he got to see him really develop into the standout receiver the Broncos have been accustomed to over the last few seasons—but that didn’t mean he didn’t take notice.

“He was a guy that just kept showing up in practice as a young guy and making plays,” Harsin said. “That’s carried over.”

In fact, Harsin expected the type of success that Miller has had over the last few seasons at Boise State before he left.

“When he was just a freshman here he stood out to me,” Harsin said. “It just wasn’t about the talent but how hard he was working.”

Hard work is exactly what Harsin likes to see out of his players, and no one better embodies that than Miller.

“That’s the one thing about Matt,” Harsin said.  “He is a guy that has that talent and works extremely hard.”

Even with the great seasons that Miller has had for the Broncos, Harsin is expecting more out of him.

“He has confidence and he is going to come into fall camp confident and prepared,” Harsin said. “Just because of who he is he will come back at the end of August as a better player than he is now.”

Harsin has no doubts about this because of the type of player Miller is.

“Matt will be the first one to tell you that he has got to get better and he will because that is his mindset and that’s how he works,” Harsin said.

Harsin expects Miller to have a tremendous final season for Boise State and feels the best is still yet to come for a player that has already had a terrific career as a Bronco.

“From what I have seen from him, we can utilize him in different spots, utilize his experience, his confidence and his savvy for playing the position,” Harsin said. “To me, that’s what we are looking for and he will make plays because of that.”


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