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Attendees enjoy Student Day on The Blue

One of the first things on Boise State head football coach Bryan Harsin’s mind appears to be showing appreciation.

 The opportunity to return to Boise State, his hometown school and alma mater, has not been an opportunity Harsin has taken lightly.

Harsin opened up April 5 scrimmage up to members of the Boise State faculty and students and spoke before the scrimmage of his appreciation of support the university and students have provided for his student-athletes.

The scrimmage would not be the only thing Harsin opened up to the university — two and a half hours before the scrimmage began, the Gene Bleymaier Football Complex and Bronco Stadium were filled with fans and university faculty.

According to ASBSU President Bryan Vlok, the event, dubbed On the Blue, was a combination of a several groups across campus together to begin planning the event before students left for spring break.

Vlok said the event was important to get the university more invested in the Broncos.

“I believe it is important for Boise State students, faculty and staff to tour the facilities and get on the blue to be able to get more invested in our Broncos,” Vlok said.

“I think we are taking steps to break down some walls between athletics and Boise State to become one united campus.”

Students and faculty were led on a brief tour of the Bleymaier Football Complex which took them through the team room and weight room before walking out of the tunnel onto the blue turf for an assortment of activities such as throwing drills, PAT attempts, pictures with the Buster Bronco mascot and cheerleaders, as well as photos with Harsin himself.

Freshman music education major Kaelin Ward enjoyed the opportunity to see things from the perspective of the Boise State players and coaches.

“It was really fun taking the tour,” Ward said. “Walking through the tunnel was a different experience to look at it from the players perspective.”

Roughly 600 individuals took the tour and participated on the blue turf while roughly 1,500 fans attended the scrimmage — an overall success for Vlok.

“My favorite part of this event was [everyone’s] reaction,” Vlok said. “To be able see how excited and appreciative they were of Football allowing them into their complex and getting to have an awesome experience on The Blue.”

Vlok hopes the event becomes a Boise State tradition and continues to grow in the coming years.

Check out our gallery for more photos from Student Day on the Blue.

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