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Study tip: Go to class

Welcome back from Spring Break!  We are halfway through the semester, so it’s a good time to remind you of the #1 rule of successful college students: Go to class.

This concept can be difficult as the weather improves and we start to burn out on the academic year.  Always keep in mind that when you attend classes, you might receive extra information or clues from the professor about what topics might be included on future exams or assignments.

When you are in class, you might get clues on what information will not be in the test as well; this will save you time and effort later when it comes to studying.

Remember to take thorough notes that will be easy for you to go through later.  Attending class also gives you an opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on topics that you don’t understand.

Class time counts as face-time with the professor. Take advantage of this—your professor is a valuable tool who can write letters of recommendation, advise you on educational and career choices, and open up opportunities that you never even knew existed.

Long story short, you pay big bucks for your education—make sure you get your money’s worth!