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Escape from the Classroom

I think it’s time  we all grow up a little.

 No longer are we bound by the chains of the high school education system, obsessed and solely driven by GPAs and test scores. You have nothing left to prove, so make the most of your time in college and get out of the classroom!

I came into Boise State this past fall expecting to finally be enlightened, to have the opportunity to actually learn something instead of just regurgitating “knowledge” on a scantron.

Instead, I was met with the cruel realization that college is just like high school.

Boise State is a wonderful school with wonderful faculty, but I still have seen the same thing I went through in high school: let’s give out pointless busy work, testing the students to see who can accomplish it with the least amount of effort.

Many of us just glide along through college, simply attending class, expecting our work in the classroom alone will secure a job waiting for us upon graduation.

Unfortunately, the real world isn’t like that. A degree is not job training or experience, it is only a paper that shows we’re willing to work.

I’m making the most out of my college experience by choosing put the majority of my time energy into endeavors out of the constricting walls of a classroom.

Instead of spending countless hours studying and working on class work, it would benefit us all if we escaped the classroom and got out into the real world, where things matter.

Our quest for knowledge is not gained inside of a classroom. It is gained by becoming involved in organizations.

I, like many, saw high school as a waste of time, so when faced with the choice of how to experience college, involve yourself!

Get out into the community and make connections! We are all better off involving ourselves with some of Boise State’s over 200 organizations and taking on leadership roles.

The opportunity is ours for the taking! Making grades and getting that degree still matters, but get out of the classroom!

The real world is not a room with four walls and a professor lecturing you; it is a place where those who are successful are the ones that get out into an unfamiliar environment and attack every opportunity they see.

About Nate Lowery (0 Articles)
Only a sophomore, Nate has already become the big man on campus. He was named the Sports Editor after working as a staff writer his freshman year. With a future in coaching and teaching, Nate enjoys writing and covering sports on the side after spending the past three years in the business. Nate is a fitness and health junkie, and is also an extreme cinema buff. If you ever need to find Nate, he can usually be found on the top of Table Rock or on his couch binge watching Netflix.