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New Leadership Idaho conference aims to help women lead

Women make up less than 19 percent of the 113th Congress, according to Rutgers, the University of New Jersey.  This is dismal compared to other western countries.

Freedom House’s 2013 survey notes that women make up almost 40 percent of Norway’s Parliament while in Finland women hold nearly 43 percent of the seats.  Additional stats from the Inter-Parliamentary Union show almost 64 percent of women make up the parliament in the African country of Rwanda while the little European country of Andorra has 50 percent.

While people wonder and debate why America lags behind other countries regarding female representatives, Rutgers University’s Center for American Women and Politics has decided to do something about it.

Since 1991, this program has been helping women develop their leadership muscles.

This is the first time the National Education for Women’s Leadership will be held in Idaho.  Workshops, discussion panels and more will be offered during this six-day event.

Melissa Lavitt, former dean of the College of Social Science and Public Affairs, initially got the ball rolling for this event but turned it over to Cynthia Sanders, Ph.D., MSW, of the School of Social Work, before she left Boise State in January 2014.

“I am interested in and very supportive of more women running for and entering political office, leadership positions, and public engagement, I was honored to be asked to be part of the inaugural program,” Sanders said in an email.

College women from different walks of life and who are interested in politics are encouraged to attend.

This on-campus program will be held June 2-6, 2014.  Only 30 applications will be accepted and there are no out of pocket costs to students.

The deadline is Friday, April 4. Click here to apply.

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