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NCAA sand volleyball courts constructed at Boise State

Construction has begun on what will eventually become Boise State’s first NCAA sand volleyball court.

The courts are replacing what was a vacant lot across the street from the astroturf intramural field on Lincoln Avenue.

“There are going to be three NCAA compliant courts,” said Mike Sumpter, director for Facilities Operations and Maintenance. “They’re going to have club volleyball teams and intramural leagues and all that fun stuff.”

After completion, Sumpter said the courts will be available for use during daylight hours.

“We are going to lock them up at night to protect them, but they will be open from dawn till dusk,” Sumpter said.

When asked if the courts will be used by the general public, Sumpter said access would be based on

“It’s really not intended for them but once we block out all the times for the student uses and people want to request use, we have a process for that,” Sumpter said.

Crews are in the earliest stages of the project. Alarge portion of the construction project was completed over spring break. According to housing official this was in an attempt to avoid disruptive noise that may be bothersome to campus residents near the site.

“The construction folks have also willingly agreed to not start working before 9 a.m. so that you all are not unreasonably disrupted from sleep,” said Stephanie Hanson, resident director for Housing and Resident Life in an email to students housed on campus.

Hanson reiterated Sumpter’s comments on the use of the courts, saying they will be used by a variety of departments and student organizations on campus.

“The wonderful part is that these courts will be used by the Athletics program, the Recreation Center (much like the recreation turf near us), as well as being available to the general student population,” Hanson said.

Though construction crews have completed a portion of the project, completion is slated for mid April.

Freshman Alex Peterson thinks it is a good idea to expand athletics and provide more opportunities for students to socialize outdoors while on campus.

“I think it’s cool they are putting something in the empty lot; it will look much better,” Peterson said. “Even though I go home to Washington for the summer, it will be fun for other students to play team sports other than the usual football and frisbee on the intramural field.”

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