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Hustle and Drone Treefort review

While electronic music continues to grow, listeners continue to discover new and improved electronic bands. Some bands one may enjoy and others one may prefer to never again hear on the radio. But once in awhile listeners might stumble upon a band that truly knocks their socks off. And here I introduce Hustle and Drone.

Originating in Salem, Ore., this electronic band is comprised of three extremely talented musicians: Ryan Neighbors, Ryan Moore and Andy Black.

Their music is upbeat and filled with major electronic beats (for those who love to dance), some synthesizing action, a bass guitar and the occasional tambourine.

Idahoans got a chance to experience their talent during Treefort Music Festival during the weekend of March 20-23. Hustle and Drone, who have played before in Boise, got a chance to play at the Linen Building on Saturday night.

With a full crowd Hustle and Drone kept people on their feet dancing and singing along with them.

“I like their music because it makes me want to dance and their songs touch my soul,” said Kierra Hansen, a freshman French major at Boise State.  “The lyrics are fun yet poetic and express real emotion.”

A fan favorite is a song called “Bobby Wish.” The video for this song can be viewed on YouTube and after hearing it, listeners will want to hear more. Head over to iTunes where their EP is available for purchase.

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