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The very best of Treefort

Despite the fantastic performances, it was all the little things that really made Treefort this year.

This includes the small rummage sale which consumed the sidewalk near the main stage. The kid’s stage was put on by Radio Boise. The food trucks congregated outside Ale Fort (including a Pour Over Coffee Cart and Funky Tacos). The increasing number of attendees could be found dozing off on couches as the weekend went on and the graffiti mural outside of the entrance to the Main Stage expanded.

Although most venues had a specific genre of music, it is worth noting how convenient the Treefort app made deciding what bands to attend. Each band was listed with date, time, location and a sample of their work. This made it a lot easier to find and attend bands.

Calico’s entire performance was amazing, but their lead vocalist screaming out, “Why isn’t anyone dancing?” and, “Is anyone not from Boise? GET OUT!” was the little cherry on top.

Some of the other wonderful parts of Treefort included Misé’s performance of “Rebecca,” the energy that was at the SW/MM/NG show, how talented several members of Saintseneca were on the strumstick, learning that The Funs were called The Funs because they “needed to have a good time,” Kalmia Traver from the Rubblebucket handing out face paint crayons to the audience at the Main Stage, Grandma Kelsey mumbling “I feel like I’m telling you guys all my secrets,” at her performance at The Flicks, vocalist Drew Pearson of Twin Steps repeatedly falling over on audience members while performing at The Crux and the wooden platform stage that was built during Treefort for audience members to view acts from.

Some fantastic performances worth noting were from Dude York and Chastity Belt.

Dude York was exactly as one might expect: witty, funny classic rock with a touch of snarky commentary between songs. As they exited they also commented on their relationship with Chastity Belt, and how they were excited to hear a cover Chastity Belt was preforming of one of Dude York’s songs.

According to Dude York’s  vocalist Andrew Witt, their cover is “way better” than Dude York’s version.

Leaving their scribbled set list on a piece of lined paper on the floor in front of the lead singer, Chastity Belt’s performance was kicked off by the vocalist pointing at a beer and asking, “Is this anyone’s beer, because I think it might be mine.”

Although commentary between songs was scarce, their talent spoke for itself.

As Jessy Rose said, “A lot of being in a band is luck. I think Phillip and I will stay where we are at in terms of success for lack of a better word, but that’s what’s cool about this is that you can send in an application (to Treefort) saying ‘This is what we are doing, we do this because we love it.’ It’s not one big fucking commercial.”

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