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Big names at Treefort

Since the list of artists on the Treefort website is staggering, and there’s no way one person will be able to see all of them, here is a short list of the ones that are hopefully near the top of yours!

Built to Spill, from right here in Boise, will be playing at 10 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday at El Korah Shine. All the musicians in the band have been playing for over two decades, and their different experiences have shaped their music into a unique, almost settling, sound. According to their website, the band doesn’t believe their music has just one meaning, but should be listened to and the meaning should be found by the individual listener.

This Will Destroy You, from Austin, Texas at midnight on Friday in the Linen Building. After reading about the band’s not-so-typical thrust into the music world, I just had to check them out. And I was not let down. The band got discovered in a total Cinderella story, and I understand why. The talent this band holds is not what should be missed.

Horse Feathers, out of Portland, will be playing at midnight on Friday in Pengilly’s Saloon. I was in love the moment the vocals started. The band creates an utterly beautiful sound. The band just celebrated their 10th year together and to commemorate the time together, there is going to be going on an all-acoustic tour throughout the eastern U.S. during April.

The Joy Formidable, coming all the way from London, will be playing Sunday at 7 p.m. on the Main Stage. The band’s latest album, released last July, was dreamed up by two of the members in a remote part of Maine. And much of the inspiration comes from the nature there. The music from the album is an interesting mix of cultures and music. The trio is currently touring the U.S. and should not be overlooked on the Treefort agenda.

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