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Study tip: Studying Better

Courtesy: Maria Shimel

Do you find that no matter how hard you study it just doesn’t seem to help?  Perhaps the techniques that you are using aren’t effective.  I recently read a Washington Post article that listed the different levels of effectiveness of different types of study techniques.  The least effective methods include highlighting text while reading, rereading chapters,  and doing short summaries of the text/course material.  Moderately effective techniques include self-explanation of topics, interrogation (asking “why” questions about the information), and using different types of practice questions in-class.  The most effective techniques include actually doing practice tests on your own and short study sessions spread out over several days.  This is not an all inclusive list and if you have a method of studying that works, don’t abandon it.  But if you were looking for a new direction, use this information to pick your favorite study techniques and use them to earn that A+ you deserve.