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Student Voices: Hooking up via mobile apps

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“What do you think of people hooking up through online mobile apps like Tinder?”


Student Voices Ben Focht Devin Ferrell

Ben Focht, Freshman, Civil Engineer “I think its kind of ridiculous ‘cause I don’t think any strong relationship will come out of it.”







Student Voices Haley Kennedy Devin Ferrell_5

Haley Kennedy, Junior, English secondary education “I don’t believe in mobile dating apps…its kind of creepy”







Student Voices Drea Burton Devin Ferrell

Drea Burton, Freshman, Psychology “I think its kind of scary because you don’t know the person.”







Student Voices Eli Luna Devin Ferrell_2

Eli Luna, Sophomore, Microbiology “I think if you have hobbies in common and stuff like that I think it’s a great site, as far as dating I’m not sure about that.”






Student Voices Josh Marr Devin Ferrell_3

Josh Marr, Senior, English “There’s a part of me that is skeptical of technology having this mediating presence between human beings, there’s another part of me that says if no one is getting hurt than have all of the anonymous sex you want.”






Student Voices Sarah Beardsley Devin Ferrell_4

Sarah Beardsley, Freshman, Nutrition and Dietetics “I think it’s just a glorified booty call.”


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