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Boise State is better than Tinder

Recently, I downloaded an app called Tinder. It’s marketed as a dating app, and I was curious to know what the hype is about.

I caught on to tinder-ing quickly enough. Basically a potential match’s picture (usually their Facebook profile picture) comes up on your screen, a swipe one direction means you’d talk to them, the other way means you aren’t interested. When two people approve each other, a chat conversation is opened, either party can actually start the conversation.

Tinder has only one definition on Urban Dictionary: “Dating app. Tinder is the McDonald’s for sex.”

And after my short experience with the app… that’s a pretty fair definition.

Tinder is not for me.

Sites like and eHarmony have already changed the face of dating for many. But even they give users a chance to browse profiles and see if they share interests with someone. They give users a chance to put their best foot forward and learn more about a person than what meets the eye.

Tinder, gives you one small photo, maybe two.

Apps like Tinder, and their soaring popularity mean only one thing to me. We have arrived at a place in time, where sliding someone’s picture to the right side of my phone means I don’t think they’re someone I would want to talk to. Talk about judging books by their covers.

That idea doesn’t sit well with me.

I just can’t support anything that tells a human being their value lies in their appearance. Company’s like Dove, Aerie and Seventeen Magazine come forward with different campaigns to celebrate real beauty and I would rather waste my time flipping through a magazine with untouched models than sliding guys’ mirror selfies to the no pile. I would rather give my money to a clothing company that tells teenage girls to love their bodies than my time to a dating app that nothing is ever going to come from.

I know it’s just an app. I know it’s probably not hurting anybody. But why are we still so obsessed with image we can really be okay not only judging other’s by a photo alone, but also letting them judge us by a photo. There is not a single photo in the world that could pack all the different aspects of a person into it.

No single photo can summarize any human. So, I won’t Tinder.

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Katie Johnson is in her second year at the Arbiter, and loves being a part of the paper's staff. Having adapted the little sister role in the office, she is sometimes referred to as "child". Originally from an island off of San Diego, California she chose Boise State for a change of scene, and to have all four seasons. She has an awkward obsession with Harry Potter, and knows that her mischief will mostly likely never be managed.