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President and VP forum highlights

Q & A From the ASBSU presidential election forum

Q. What potential policies or bills in legislature do you see impacting campus and how will you respond to them as student body president?

A. The gun bill has been an interesting one.  It is something I really didn’t know before. The gun bill is something that was hard for all of us because I think the majority of our students, I know the majority of our students, opposed that bill.  We went and we fought and did what we could. —Bryan Vlok


Q. How do you represent students who have opposing views from your own?

A. I feel like we would just represent. We would get the statistics of everyone what they believe; it’s a student voice.  So, everything needs to be heard. We would get everything out back to transparency,  make sure that everyone knows the amount of people who believe what and why they believe. —Lauren Albright


Q. What makes you unique for this position?

A. We truly do love Boise State. We want to see this as an institution, that you know, we’re proud of in 20 years.  We want to come back and know we were a part of wherever this institution is going to go down the road.  And so, I think just having the love for Boise State, having the love for our peers and aware kind of where they go and what we’re doing. —Bryan Vlok

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