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Humble Bundle offers affordable game packages for charity

Hosting weekly sales and offering several periodically acclaimed grab bags of games, Humble Bundle lets gamers buy up a handful of games for low prices.  And, to top it off, a portion of the proceeds goes to charity, further encouraging gamers who are pondering or even remotely thinking about buying a bundle to go ahead and invest in their own entertainment, the success of often under-recognized developers and the well-being of those who may not be as well off.

Humble Bundle offers weekly “bundles” for which gamers can “pay what you want” for a group of games, starting at a dollar.  From time to time, these bundles are themed, sporting Android system game packs, PopCap developer packs or their famous Humble Indie Bundle.  If customers pay over the average price that others are paying for the pack, they receive exclusive games along with their purchase.

“This helps drive up the price people are paying for the games,” said sophomore microbiology major Kara Grant said.

She continued to explain that buyers can choose where their money is donated, whether to the game developers themselves, the charity in question or the Humble Bundle organization.

Often times, these games are redeemable on Steam, a PC gaming platform through which gamers can buy, download and play games within their Steam library.

“I certainly don’t purchase every single bundle, but I’ve bought four or five.  If you are new to PC gaming, check it out. It’s a great way to build up your gaming library in between the summer and winter sales,” Grant said.

Maxwell Jahner, sophomore elementary education major, said he has enjoyed having access to all of his games online without the worry of scratching up old discs or losing games, as Steam stores all of his games within his Steam profile’s library.

“I went ahead and picked up even though I already owned seven of the nine titles,” Jahner said, noting his purchase of the most recent Humble Indie Bundle 11.

Being a big fan of the Humble Bundle program and the games that were featured within it, he ended up getting all of the games and passing on his extra titles to a friend.

“I would love to see more support going to independent gaming developers. Those people put in a huge amount of effort into something that they love,” Grant said.

She suggested that more gamers check out Kickstarter to see new game developers and their potential projects, as well as sign up for Humble Bundle emails to see just what games are being bundled each week.

“I initially used to allocate the entirety of my purchase to charity because I’m a big fan of Child’s Play, a charity that supplies games to children fighting for their lives in children’s hospitals across the country,” Jahner said, enjoying taking part in the charity side of the bundle.

Child’s Play is often one of the charities that bundle buyers have the option of donating their purchase money to.

Grant highly recommended participating in Humble Bundle sales, explaining that it is a great way for one to build up and flesh out their Steam game library and support the developers that make the games being featured.

“Plus, you’ll feel good that you are contributing something more to the community,” Grant said.

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