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Harsin addresses many topics in first spring conference

New Boise State head football coach Bryan Harsin had his first spring football conference of the year on Thursday, March 13.

In the press conference, Harsin talked about a variety of different issues, from his reactions to his team’s first practices of the season to Boise State’s
upcoming Pro Day.

The Broncos officially started spring practices last week. They practiced in just helmets to start, but beginning this week they will be in full pads as they prepare for their first scrimmage on Thursday.

“It’s good to see those guys out there working,” Harsin said. “They are working hard and playing fast.”

Harsin has been pleased from what he has been seeing out of not only his players, but his staff as well.

“The urgency, energy, effort of the team has all been good,” Harsin said. “I also like what the coaches are doing as well.”

Harsin has been incorporating a few new philosophies in practice, as well as giving incentives to his players for performing well in practice by rewarding players of the day on offense, defense, special teams, and a group of the day.

In addition, the team does a play-maker of the practice which goes to the player who has the best plays in practice, as well as a
“ballhawk” on the defensive side of the ball who causes the most turnovers or causes the biggest turnover in practice.

Harsin addressed a few areas of his team starting with the special teams.

“It was a big deal for me at Texas and Arkansas State and it won’t change here,” Harsin said. “In the past we have done some really good things and we need to continue that.”

Harsin then moved into talking about his skill positions, running backs and wide receivers and how they have been developing.

“We have got some guys at that position and we need to get better with those guys and we will,” Harsin said. “We need to utilize them a little bit differently and we will. I like what they’re doing and they’re a good group.”

Finally, Harsin talked about what he expects for returning quarterback Grant Hedrick.

“Grant fundamentally has good technique, throws the ball well, his arm is strong, and runs well,” Harsin said. “It all comes down to execution and I want to see him execute.”

Harsin also addressed the importance of  walk-ons and he is excited to see that continue.

“We have a good group of guys we know and recruited,” Harsin said.  “A lot of these guys have been very productive for us in the past and have earned scholarships and we want to continue that.”

Finally he addressed Boise State’s Pro Day on Monday, March 17 and how important it is for the players involved.

“That’s a big day,” Harsin said. “We got guys here now that have been training and these are our guys who have worked extremely hard for our program.”

The Broncos will continue to practice and gear up for the spring game next month.

“This one is going to be an evaluation,” Harsin said. “I fully expect it to be just as intense as our first and second scrimmage. Our guys need the reps, we need to see the reps, and take advantage of it as much as we can.”


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