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Comedy Night with cast of Girl Code & Guy Code

On Thursday, March 13, the Student Involvement and Leadership Center (SILC) hosted Comedy Night in the SPEC. Students lined the halls of the SUB waiting for the event to start. 

Three comedians from the MTV shows “Girl Code” and “Guy Code,” Nicole Byer, Alice Wetterlund and Jermaine Fowler kept the crowd chuckling the entire night.

They cracked jokes left and right about sex, cats, relationships and personal life stories that were just too funny not to share.

Nicole Byer’s explicit sex jokes left the whole crowd grabbing their stomachs from laughing so hard, especially when it came to her hilarious penis song and her opening Snickers joke.

Alice Wetterlund showed her quirky and slightly cat-obsessed side by doing animal impressions and helping the crowd admit to their secret love for cats.

Jermaine Fowler connected with the crowd by sharing life experiences about his friends, family and relationships.

“I liked Jermaine the best; he was hilarious and I loved how he was really involved with the crowd, his stories were hilarious. I loved them all,” said Raven Boyer, a freshman communication major.

“This is one of those events that brings a lot of students together; it’s a shared experience so when you leave you’ll know the same jokes that all your fellow students know,” said Programming Assistant Molly Valceschini.

This was the first time that SILC hosted the comedians from “Girl Code” and “Guy Code” but it has hosted Comedy Night in past years with comedians such as Streeter Seidell.

Valceschini also stated that, “We would hope to have comedy every year, it just depends on who we can get.”

All three of the comedians threw their own twist into the night and made for one hell of a funny time.

Students  ranging from freshmen to seniors filled the entire SPEC to show their love for Byer, Wetterlund and Fowler.

And the comedy didn’t just end after the show; students had the opportunity to meet and take pictures with the comedians along with receiving autographs.

Comedy Night had a huge turn out, filling every seat available.

For more comedy from Byer, Wetterlund, and Fowler check out “Girl Code” and “Guy Code” on MTV.

Also keep your eyes open for more comedy nights hosted by SILC.

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