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Study Tip: Exams

Study Tip: Maria Shimel

There are many different ways to study for exams.  I love flashcards because that was how I learned best.  Using flashcards allows you to  break down large chunks of info, study easily in alternate locations (walking around at work, in between classes, etc.) and it is easy to save each set of flashcards to study for the cumulative final at the end of the semester.

Although flashcards aren’t the best option for every test or person, they can be very effective.

Here are some basic tips to that can help you succeed: 1) Keep your flashcards simple; don’t write down huge chunks of information and expect that you can remember it all. Including pictures can also help double the association.  2)  Use relevant information only; don’t waste your time over-studying for topics that won’t be on the test. 3) If you have to include a big topic on one card use bullet points to make the info smaller. 4) Separate the flashcards out into sections that make sense to you. You can do it by topic or chapter. I recommend color-coding your flashcards to make the sections easy to differentiate.