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e-Portfolios available to students

When students hear the word “portfolio” mumbled during class, the first initial thought is a bunch of papers getting thrown together in an unorganized fashion and turning it in to their professor. Most of the portfolios that are handed in are never returned and used in the future. Boise State is hoping to put that to a stop.

Vicki Stieha, assistant professor and director of the Foundational Studies Program has been pushing for electronic portfolios (e-Portfolios) to become more prominent within the university.

“I’ve known about e-Portfolios for a long time and we’ve used them in writing for a really long time.

“In the recent years, because of cloud technology and evolution of applications, they have become easier for institutions to use,” Stieha said.

The idea for e-Portfolios is to allow students to have one place where they can compile all of their work throughout school. They are able to pick and choose which pieces of work they would like to showcase in a professional portfolio.

Boise State has already put e-Portfolios into effect and has piloted the platform called Digication, which students can access through Google,  and allowed the students to test out e-Portfolios and get a response.

“We’ve actually had e-Portfolios in Boise State and we’re incrementally building the program by doing pilot testing with the students to see what their responses were,” Stieha said. “Many of the students actually enjoyed them and thought that they were easy to use.”

Justin Petersen, sophomore nursing student, had never heard of e-Portfolios, but feels like it could be beneficial to students.

“I know that for me it would be very beneficial to have access to all my work in one area, especially going into nursing,” Petersen said.

Right now the e-Portfolios are free to use through Boise State. Stieha has been trying to settle on a fee  for students. Most courses, if they are using e-Portfolios, will have the price already added.

“As of right now the e-Portfolios are free to use. We are looking at about $7-$8 per course, but would like to settle on an annual flat fee for both semesters,” Stieha said.

So far there is an estimate of about 1,500 students already at Boise State using e-Portfolios and that number is still growing.

If interested in starting an e-Portfolio, visit the Foundational Studies Program office located in the old business