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Coach Patton looks to lead players to national championship

The men’s tennis team is out to prove to the country that Boise State isn’t only a football and basketball school. Often times tennis will fly under the radar due to the success of other sports, but the tennis team is quietly climbing the rankings and   is ready to make some noise.

After starting the season ranked 48th, they have climbed all the way as high as 15th but fell to Oregon in Eugene and now sit at No. 20 after beating Minnesota. They have been able to beat some of the best teams in the country on the road.

“I call the guys the junkyard dogs; we’re not the pedigree of all these other conferences, we’re just a bunch of guys who have the drive,” head coach Greg Patton said.

Coach Patton seems to be making it his personal goal for people to give Boise State tennis the proper respect it deserves. He feels the tennis team is on the verge of greatness and banging on the door of a national championship.

“That is one of the reasons I am here; it is such an incredible challenge because you have such great sports like football and basketball that grab all the attention and we have a great school,”  Coach Patton said. “We are a part of that; historically we have been one of the best college tennis teams in the nation.”

Having success in the first half of the season on the road is making for an exciting second half of the season at home.

The Broncos are looking to close the season out strong to host a NCAA first round game at home. In order to host a game, the team must finish in the top 16 in the final rankings.

“It’s tough, it is always quick turnarounds. We leave usually on Thursdays and come back Sunday night, then you’re home, you got classes and school,” senior Nathan Sereke said.

Being constantly on the road has helped the team as they have been able to embrace each other and build camaraderie, but being home for most of the second half of the season is something they look forward too.

“Now we can get support from the fans and our friends here,” Sereke said. “If you are in a tight match, it is nice to have the support and it really helps out in the matches.”

Thus far, the Broncos have beaten nine nationally ranked teams and will look to make it No. 10 as they face Virginia Tech this Saturday, March 15 at 5 p.m. at the Outdoor Appleton Tennis Courts.