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Boise State Game Center should stay

The Boise State Games Center in the Student Union Building. (Devin Ferrell/The Arbiter)

We’ve all seen it. Many of us have taken part in shooting pool or bowled a few frames in the SUB.  Despite the fact that popularity and participation has decline in recent years, it’s still one of the most iconic and historical spots on the Boise State campus. Now the beloved Game Center might be replace by the ever exciting Admissions Center.

Last week, we discovered that the Boise State Game Center at the south end of the Student Union Building could be repurposed in the coming months. One of the most trafficked areas everyday at Boise State, the removal of the Game Center would essentially eliminate all reason to journey through that area of the SUB.

Financially, I will agree that the Game Center has declined in recent years. I will be the first to admit that I don’t frequent the bowling alley as often as I did as a freshman at Boise State or even as a local high school student. With that being said, the repurposing of the Game Center as the Admissions Office is one of the most foolish and logistically puzzling ideas I have heard of.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I feel Admissions makes the most sense in the center of campus in the Admin building. Aesthetically, if I am an incoming freshman still deciding on a school to attend, heading to the Admin building, the Quad is astronomically more inviting than a street corner and the parking garage out the window.

Maybe the Game Center area would be more accessible, but doesn’t that almost defeat the purpose of the SUB? I view the SUB as a more relaxed area to interact and get away from the Library or other academic buildings. Moving the Admissions Office into the existing Game Center area just infringes on that escape and shuts off that area of the building to many students.

I will admit, I have some bias to keeping the Game Center around. As young 20somethings in the mid-80s, my parents went one of their first dates with a group of friends to go bowling in the SUB. My mom has told me several times that date was when she realized she liked my dad.

Obviously bowling isn’t a common matchmaker, but many students have a personal attachment to the Game Center and frequent it on a daily basis. Removing the Game Center for Admissions seems like the focus is less on the student at Boise State and his or her experience, and more on the financial gains for the University.

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