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Students discuss Banned Book Week

Banned Book Week is coming up (Sept. 30-Oct. 6). To celebrate, Hyde Park Books has decided to kick off a Banned Book Club. Starting Oct. 2, and to be continued on the first Wednesday of every month, Hyde Park Books will open up the literature and culture of a book that has been challenged or banned.

To begin, the first read will be Ray Bradbury’s dystopian classic, “Fahrenheit 451,” a book which happens to be about banning books.

What does it mean when a book is challenged or banned?

To answer this question, when material is “challenged” it is an attempt to remove the material from the circulation; examples include schools, libraries, bookstores, etc. When a book is banned it is actually removed from circulation. Reasons for actions may vary. Material can be sexually explicit, inappropriate age group material, contains offensive language or includes racism, violence or offensive religious content.

Thanks to the American Library Association (ALA), librarians, parents, teachers, writers, publishers and other hardworking advocates fighting against censorship, challenged books are not often banned and remain in circulation.

Banned Books Week reminds us of the foundation of our freedom, The First Amendment. Being able to voice opinion and obtain information is right!

As Bradbury wrote in, “Fahrenheit 451,” “Stuff your eyes with wonder!”

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