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Students shave heads for St. Baldrick’s, raise money for cancer research

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation will be taking volunteers to shave their heads in support of raising money for childhood cancer research on Friday, March 14. From 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. there will be six barbers in the Taylor Quad ready to give a full shave to anyone wishing to take part in an effort to fund cancer research.

This is the third year Boise State University has hosted this event, with $3,000 raised in just the first year.

In the second year the event was held the goal was set at $5,000, which was eventually surpassed with a total of $10,000. This year the goal is set at $15,000, with the hopes of the same success as the previous year.

According to the American Cancer Society, one person is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes; with those diagnosed with cancer, 1 in 5 will die as a result. Student Betty Clark is helping plan and coordinate the event.

“We’re trying to help find a cure—that’s the point of the event,” Clark said.

Although this is the third occasion Boise State University has hosted the event, it has taken place in all 50 states, in 28 countries, and hundreds of college campuses.

Since 2000, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation head shaving events have raised more than 118 million dollars in money to fund childhood cancer research.

Although the term “childhood” is used, it  includes more than just children, because it can occur in children, teens, as well as young adults. In addition to medical research, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation works to prevent lifelong damage that can result from surgeries and chemotherapy treatments while the body and brain are at a developing age.

Cancer from this demographic can be distinguished from the cancer that afflicts adults because childhood cancer is not related to lifestyle factors, so much less can be done for preventive measures.

This event is an effective way for you to help support the continuation of life-saving cancer research; for those wishing to help and support the event, but who choose not to have their head shaved, a simple donation is much appreciated, and can be be donated at the St. Baldrick’s website.

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