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ASBSU candidates prepare for elections

Meet the candidates:

Bryan Vlok, President

Bryan Vlok served as  the vice president  for a year and has  served as president since Ryan Gregg’s resignation on Jan. 31.  Vlok is a general business administration major with a minor in non-profit. If elected, it will be his third year in student government.  Vlok plans to implement a first year leadership program to train future Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) members.

Vlok would like to finish some of the projects he has already started in his current term.

“I had the opportunity to start some things on campus and I would like to continue working toward those goals,” Vlok said.

Vlok thinks his experience with student government would  help him if he were elected.

“I’ve been around student government for two years  now; I’ve had the opportunity to grow and learn and kind of see where we were and where we are going,” Vlok said.

Vlok is passionate about networking within departments on campus.

“I really want to break down some silos across campus. For example, this year we did student tailgate and we did that through collaboration,” Vlok said. “Right now there is a lack of support on campus for other programs who are trying to do great things.”

Vlok’s favorite kind of cereal is Reese’s Puffs. “It’s candy for breakfast,” Vlok said.

Lauren Albright, VP

Lauren Albright spent last year as the speaker of the assembly. Albright is a marketing major. Albright plans to work together with Vlok in order to advocate on behalf of students and increase the amount student involvement on campus.

“I was inspired to run because I want to make sure that the students’ voices will continue to be represented,” Albright said. Albright is also focused on connecting departments throughout campus.

Her favorite cereal is Frosted Flakes.

Assembly Speaker Candidates:

Megan Buxton

  • If Megan Buxton is elected it will be her second term with ASBSU. She wants to better the assembly by increasing the student voice. She aims to do this by increasing retention of assembly members, using opinions from the assembly in decision making and creating a concern form to find out what problems are on campus and how the assembly by be able combat them.Buxton loves Boise State and wants to help other students receive some of the opportunities she has. Buxton is confident in her experience as a student leader.“I have experience in ASBSU as well as other organizations that can help break down barriers around campus,” Buxton said. She wants to help students be heard throughout campus in order to make the best Boise State possible.Her favorite breakfast cereal is Cocoa Puffs.


Chase Neumann

  • Chase Neuman is Idaho-born and raised and if elected it will be his first term in ASBSU.  Neumann wants to increase the participation in the Assembly and encourage students to represent their departments and colleges as ASBSU makes decisions.Neuman’s main goal is creating diversity in the representation to the executive board.“I would love to have the Greeks, the commuter students and several other demographics actually be represented in assembly. That doesn’t happen right now,” Neuman said.Neuman is also passionate about increasing overall participation with ASBSU.“There’s only like 11 to 17 students that are representing the entire university at assembly and that includes graduate school and some other things,” Neuman said. “We want to increase the amount of people who are involved with the assembly and our decision making.”His favorite cereal is Captain Crunch.

Secretary of External Affairs Candidates

Stephen Gustafson:

  • Stephen Gustafson is from Vancouver, Wash. If elected, this will be his first term in ASBSU. He would like to work with the Idaho Board of Education and legislative offices to provide a voice for Boise State students. Gustafson believes his love for the school sets him apart.“I’ve had a great time being here and I want to give back in every way possible,”Gustafson said. Gustafson’s main goal is to increase funding from the state legislature.
  • His favorite cereal is Lucky Charms because he loves marshmallows.

Angel Hernandez:

  • Angel Hernandez is from Aguilillia, Mexico. If elected, it will be his first term in ASBSU.  Hernandez hopes to fight cuts to higher education, wants to redirect budget to students, increase student participation in political affairs, lobby for fair tuition rates for students and establish connections with the community.Hernandez believes his experience in leadership positions would help him if he was elected.“I’ve been in a lot of leadership positions. I came from CWI and was the student body vice president and senator before then. I’m part of the Honor’s Student Association at Boise State and the Delta Upsilon fraternity,” Hernandez said.He is proud of his platform and urges voters to see the promises on which he is running. The most important thing to him is fighting cuts to education.“As time goes by, the opportunity to get an education is slipping through our fingers,” Hernandez said. “In this position I think I would have the ability to really do something about that. I think that’s crucial.”His favorite cereal is Cocoa Puffs.

Secretary of Student Organization Affairs

Hailey Weatherby

  • Hailey Weatherby is a sophomore from Idaho Falls. If she is elected it will be her first term with ASBSU. She believes it is time for an evaluation of priorities from within ASBSU. Rather than focusing solely on funding, Weatherby would like to focus on the creativity and achievement of clubs to help students tap into their true
    passions.Weatherby has set clear goals about what she would do with the position.“My biggest goal would be kind of a two-part goal. One, to work on funding as a whole, make it more specific. This year they ran out of money really quickly. My goal would be to not have that happen,” Weatherby said. “Secondly, to make my position a little less about funding.  I think my position as secretary of student organization affairs can have a part in the creativity and planning of events as a tool for clubs to use in their planning stages and beyond that.”Weatherby’s favorite breakfast cereal one of the Kashi
    cereals.“I like Kashi cereal because it gives me the energy to go into every day striving to be the best Bronco I can be,” Weatherby said. Kendra Winnick
  • Kendra Winnick is a senior from Coeur d’Alene. She firmly believes in the notion that every student on campus makes Boise State what it is, for better or worse. If elected, Winnick wants to use her position to encourage every student to be involved in some way on campus and create positive experiences they can take with them after they leave.Winnick wants to hold and help students be accountable for their time at Boise State.“What I’m going off is saying that, ‘We are Boise State.’ By that I mean that each one of us individual students. We make up what Boise State is, how it runs, how it functions, how it grows or doesn’t grow,” Winnick said.Winnick thinks she is a good candidate because she has the dedication to make the position a success.“I just want to bring as many people together and help as many clubs as possible,” Winnick said. “I’m willing to put in the long hours and meet new people.”Her favorite breakfast cereal is Trix.

Secretary of Academic Affairs

Christopher Bower

  • Christopher Bower is a senior from Meridian. Other than Vlok, Bower is the only         incumbent running for the same position. If elected, this will be his second term as secretary of academic Affairs. Bower believes his current record speaks for itself as he sat on more committees, had more one-on-one student meetings and collected six times the amount of Golden Apple nominations as recorded by his predecessors.Bower credits his time with ASBSU as fueling his thirst for education and he is passionate about doing the same for others.“My time with ASBSU truly revolutionized my education at Boise State,” Bower said. “I don’t want to just be someone in an office who no one knows and nobody knows about.”Bower claims his favorite breakfast cereal is chocolate.“By chocolate I mean if you were to break chocolate into tiny pieces, put them in a bowl, pretend as if it were a liquid and pour it in my mouth,” Bower said. “Chocolate is a universal language, like smiles. Everybody understands and loves it and wants to be apart of it.”

Rebecca Kopp

  • Rebecca Kopp is a freshman from Marysville, Wash. If elected, this would be her first term with ASBSU. She currently lives in the COBE living learning community and says this has taught her the importance of breaking down the walls between students and professors. If elected, she wants to help every student take full advantage of the resources professors provide. Her new passion is creating a cohesive campus between students and professors and making Boise State a better place for everyone.
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  1. ladufurrena // Mar 10, 2014 at 5:40 pm //

    Great info about the candidates. When and where can students vote for the ASBSU elections?

  2. emilypehrson // Mar 10, 2014 at 7:52 pm //

    Hi ladufurrena

    Thanks for asking! Voting is open March 18-19. You can access the voting from the ASBSU website: or, traditionally, the send out an email to every student with a direct link to the polling site so be sure to watch for that. I've also heard there is going to be an app students can download in order to vote so look for that if you are interested.

    Make sure you pick up Monday's edition (3/19) of The Arbiter or check back online to read coverage of the candidate debates!

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