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Felix Finishes Career with First Conference Title

Senior heavyweight JT Felix has been not only one of the most outstanding wrestlers for the Broncos this season but one of the best wrestlers in the nation as well.

“It was everything a college experience could hope for,” Felix said. “I love the environment here and the university is the perfect feel.”

Felix has had a tremendous season for Boise State this season as he posted an outstanding regular season record of 23-3 which was the best on the team this year.

He is currently the tenth best wrestler in the country for his weight class and he is just coming of his first Pac 12 championship.

Felix has been wrestling nearly his entire life and it has been one of the only sports he has ever known.

“I started wrestling when I was 6,” Felix said. “I was really hyper so my grandfather told my parents to put me in wrestling and I stuck with it.”

The love and dedication that Felix has for the sport is unquestioned and is happy he got to be a part of it.

“The pride you get when you single handily dominate somebody is the most rewarding factor you can get,” Felix said.

Felix came to Boise State from southern California and is one of the best decisions he has ever made.

“It’s been my dream to come to Boise State because my dad came here,” Felix said. “I knew that if I didn’t go to Boise State I would be kicking myself for the rest of my life and it’s been a dream to come to Boise State.”

During his tenure as a Bronco Felix has had many great moments but one particular one sticks with him and he credits it with all his success at Boise State.

“My freshman year I busted my butt and made the Pac 10 finals and helped my team win a Pac 10 title, Felix said. “My freshman year was the deciding factor for me to take it seriously.”

Wrestling is not the only thing he has taken seriously as he has become a role model student at Boise State.

“I have really developed into an academic student,” Felix said. “I really treat my academics seriously and have high hopes of going to medical school.”

 Felix has made a big impact to the program over the years and his team just can’t say enough about him.

“He is such a great person,” head coach Greg Randall said. “He balances the college life so well it’s unbelievable and is just so consistent in all aspects of his life.”

Felix can’t imagine what his life will be without wrestling and its a little bitter sweet for him that it’s almost over.

“I’m sad it’s going to be over,” Felix said. “I’m really going to miss the competition and the feeling of pride you get when you know your hard work is paying off.”

But Felix still has one more goal to accomplish before his college career comes to an end

“I want to be an NCAA All American,” Felix said.


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